Privacy Policy

  1. Preface

You’re visiting the Tractor Connection website, dealer in books, scale models, toys, DVD’s and similar objects with relations tot agriculture, construction and haulage.

This Cookie- and  Privacy declaration applies to all Tractor Connection products, services and activities.

Tractor Connection can collect data about your interests through usage of services provided by Tractor Connection. It is a Tractor Connection prime interest to handle your personal data obeying the highest level of confidence. Tractor Connection respects all relevant legislation, including “Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, de Telecommunicatiewet” and codes of behavior by DDMA (Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association).

  1.  Processed data and responsibility

When you register, order a product or subscribe to an e-mail news letter, the personal data such as name and adress, are registered and processed under the responsibility of Tractor Connection.

Responsible for processing data is Tractor Connection, Plantweg 9-11 8256SC Biddinghuizen.


  1. Purpose of data processing

Tractor Connection processes your data in order to:

  • Establish and fullfill an agreement, such as delivery of chosen product or service.
  • Be able to provide an invoice for purchased product or service.
  • Let you be able to communicate through the Tractor Connection digital services;
  • Keep you informed about Tractor Connection products and services, in case you prefer Tractor Connection to do so;
  • To send you a news letter, user information, service bulletin or send other message, either electronic;
  • Improve products and services;
  • Meet legal regulations and requirements that Tractor Connection is subject to.   


In case you end up on the site or application of a third party, through a Tractor Connection digital service, conditions and privacy regulations of this third party are applicable. You’re advised to notice the third party’s privacy declaration.

  1. Data security

Tractor Connection respects the privacy of anyone involved and makes sure that all personal data are handled with great care and at the highest level of confidence.

All personal data are secured in the Tractor Connection data systems. These data are only accessible for Tractor Connection staff, as far as this is neccesary to fullfill their responsibility.

Tractor Connection does try hard to secure their systems against loss or any other means of unlawfull acces or use to it’s best of ability and uses promt measures, taking technological capabilities into account.


Tractor Connection however, is not responsible for any unlawfully obtained access to computers or files through virusses spread by advertisements or illegeal programms or filers, or any other result of providing information to Tractor Connection.


  1. Insight and corrections of data, right of resistence

Tractor Connection will always provide insight in data provided, when requested and correct these data if desired. You can protest against information about Tractor Connection products or services, offered or provided by Tractor Connection through direct e-mail, telepnone, post and/or tekst messages. If you wish to do so, you can do this written to:

Tractor Connection
Plantweg 9-11
8256SC Biddinghuizen

The Netherlands

Or send an e-mail to


  1. Cookies

By using Tractor Connection products or services, Tractor Connection can collect information through the  websites for instance by using cookies.


A cookie is a small file with data that are sent with website pages, and are stored by your browser on your computer hard disc.

  1. Purpose of using cookies by Tractor Connection

A cookie allows your browser to recognise you when you repeatedly visit a website. Tractor Connection uses cookies for instance to:

  1. Facilitate navigation or log in on the Tractor Connection websites or mobile apps or to remeber your settings and/or preferences when using Tractor Connection websites and mobile apps
  2. Statistic purposes: to anyalyse Tractor Connection websites.



  1. Remove or refuse cookies

You can remove and refuse cookies through brower settings on your computer. The way to do so deffers per browser. Concult the help function of your brower if neccesary.


notice: you may not be able to use all options that websites ad mobile apps provide when you do not accept cookies. Refuse of remove cookies only affects the computer and browser you’re using. When you use multiple computers or browsers, you have to repeate the procedure for every computer and browser individually as many times as neccesary.


  1. Changing this Cookie- and Privacy declaration

Tractor Connection has the right to change it’s cooky and privacy declaration.

We advise you to consult this cooky and privacy declaration on a regular basis, in order to be correctly informed about the prevailing cooky and privacy declaration.

This cooky and privacy declaration is valid from May 1 2018



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