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Sikucontrol recall

January 22, 2014

Important safety information

Dear SIKU fans!

In rare cases, our batteries with item number 6711 may present a technical defect. As a result and as a precautionary measure, we are recalling this battery and the three models from the SIKU Control 32 range in which this battery is installed.

  • Battery (item no. 6711)
  • John Deere Tracked Tractor (item no. 6761, 6762 or 6763)
  • John Deere Tractor 8345R (item no. 6771, 6772 or 6773)
  • Fendt Front Loader (item no. 6769)

Under adverse conditions, the defect on the 6711 battery may cause the battery to heat up excessively. As a responsible manufacturer of high-quality toys, we cannot under any circumstances accept reductions in quality and safety.

In order to exclude any risks, especially the danger of overheating with a possible fire risk, we request that you cease using the models, remove the battery from the device as soon as possible and return the complete product (model including charging device, remote control and battery, as well as any spare batteries of type 6711) to your toy retailer. Or send the item back to our importer. In both cases, you will be fully refunded the purchase price.


Customers who want to return their Sikucontrol product can either choose to return through the shop where the product was purchased or can choose to send it directly to Siku. In both cases the original purchase price will completely be refunded. The procedures, information about the recall procedure and the forms to declare your claim can be found on the Siku service webpage. Click the logo:



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